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Response to Friedman’s Next 100 Years

Friedman’s is certainly a clearer view on a bigger scope of reality than I’ve previously accessed. I wonder, who are his contemporaries? I say “contemporaries” because the media play on him would hold that he’s peerless. Who else does what … Continue reading

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How I Came to George Friedman’s The Next 100 Years

Margaret Atwood, The Year of the Flood; Mad Max; Book of Eli; Bladerunner; Terminator; Fifth Element; Terra Nova; Joss Whedon’s “World That Was”; the American Torchwood; even The Hot Zone, that 90s Ebola non-fiction thriller; and mostly, the book that makes Stephen King’s The Stand … Continue reading

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Outtakes from the First Draft

Maybe in every age of humanity — no matter the objective status of a given population — maybe you can always find somebody who thinks things are simply marvelous and somebody who thinks it’s all one hairy clusterfuck. Well, of … Continue reading

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