Cyclists Who Use Social Media Well

* repost from November 21, 2009, which is, like, forever ago *

When I became Social Media Director at TX TOUGH, an event-based, pledged fundraiser benefiting Dallas Children’s Medical Center run by pro cyclist, Geoff Godsey, I picked up the undeserved title of “Expert.”

When Shannon Koch, another pro cyclist, asked my advice as such an “expert”, I suggested she study these four pros. Here’s why:

Chad Andrews@TotalCyclist – study Chad’s online presence for:

  • regular updates, including pics, that create & expand community around his (mis)adventures, family, work; sense of humor that laughs at his foibles & makes it all seem easy;
  • quality content flow-through to benefit followers;
  • replies & interacts;
  • great Push to his well-designed website & program offerings.

Adam Myerson@adammyersonCycle-Smart | Solutions for Cycling — check him out for:

  • all same as Chad above: updates, pictures, adventures, glimpses into life & times, plus interaction; BUT so completely different as befits their personalities; for example,
  • where Chad mostly RT’s & flows-through, Adam mostly chats, allowing the rest of us to eavesdrop, yum.

If I don’t get to know you online, you’re doing it wrong OR not enough OR you’re a drone OR a bot, and I’m not feeling ya. I’m really feeling these guys. ;-p

Whereas Chad & Adam are ultimately promoting services, Chad with a more business-like approach and Adam more “wide open”, the self-appointed King of Style, Ted King@iamtedkingI Am Ted King – isn’t. [Ed. note: He wasn’t leastwise when I wrote this post. Now that’s he’s created his big-ass fanbase, he’s converting with sponsorships and a online shop; and sales benefiting Krempels Center, for “New Life After Brain Injury,” near and dear to every cyclists’ helmet, pro and rec rider alike. Keep it up, Ted.]

That’s brilliant! Building his fan base before he’s even ready to promote a service. I gotta tell ya, he’s a fan favorite among the #cyclingdivas.

Liz Hatch@Liz_Hatch — One of the hottest gals in the pro peloton, and if she doesn’t know it, her followers sure do!

I like her, even still, because she’s approachable, human, sensitive, and kind. I get all this from her tweets: pics of gorgeous scenery on training rides; RT’s about hit & runs involving cyclists; talk of family. Like Ted, she’s not peddling anything, just pedaling.

Also, note how naturally & glowingly Liz and Chad cross-promote each other as client and trainer.

In any career, ’tis wise to participate in a thriving community, love and be loved, support and be supported, @reply and be @replied.



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