ZERO things you need to know about social media

Gotcha, huh?

You clicked through because you’ve never seen a tweet promising ZERO things you need to know. What a relief that’d be. You don’t see many tweets these days that say,

Hey, ya know what, that whole social media thing? Yah, just sit it out. You’re exempt.

I’m sorry. I played a tricked on you.* But, while you’re here, I do have a lesson to share:

Gimmicks marginalize trust.

You know the drill — industry bloggers wanting to drive traffic to their posts use numbers in their title. AND, not common or obvious numbers like 10 or 4. Numbers like 7, 9, 13 for the risky set who don’t hold truck with no superstitions, 38 pops to mind. Come to think of it, they probably learned this trick from Cosmo.

7 Ways to Make Your Man Beg

13 Surefire Sizzlers to Try Tonight

38 Things He’ll Never Tell You, But We Will!

Anyways, what I wanted to tell you — Gimmicks only work the once. So, if you’re gonna use a catchy number-in-your-title title for a blog post, make sure of two things:

  • you know how to count; and
  • you reveal quality, worthwhile, relevant content.

Gimmicks marginalize trust.

Truer words… from Ben Paynter for Fast Company in his 2010 review of the probably-landmark study by Vivaldi Partners and Lightspeed Research on social currency. The article’s quick synopsis (and pretty pictures) is well worth the time; just discovered the actual Vivaldi-Lightspeed report, which also has pretty pictures but lots more words. Somebody tell me if I should read it, huh?)

*There are boatloads, arkloads, reams, and forests full of of stuff you should probably know about social media. Or, at least hire an expert who does. Or, at least someone who has a head start.

** Would you believe — and of course you would, if you’ve been working in this space for, like, 20 minutes — as I’m writing this very post, I see Brian Solis slide by on TweetDeck with his commentary on gimmicks in these days of stream fatigue. If I weren’t so exhausted by all this clicking and skimming, I’d go after the punchline there. It’s in there somewhere. Something about stream fatigue. Prostate health. Drug commercials with their ad nausea list of side effects where ad nausea and stream fatigue are the most common.

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